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(51) Extremely Satisfied Air Princess Customer
Wed, 30 November 2016 18:18

She Rocks....what else can I say? She took the time, diligence and patience to create a well- thought out, carefully planned and meticulous gift and wrapped / delivered it with so much care. It shows she cares about each and every client! Thank you APP!!!

(50) Troy
Thu, 11 August 2016 18:03

Wow.....I couldn't have asked for better they arrived on time I hope to enjoy them for a long time to come.....I hope to order more ....great taste and the smell made my mind race.....keep up the good work.......you know how to make a man feel ....need I say more

(49) Steven
Thu, 4 August 2016 11:54

AP is such a professional. Every time I have contacted her, she has responded immediately (especially impressive due to the time zone difference). The personalized note with each order is as very nice touch. She truly understands the importance of providing a highly quality product, timely service, knowing her customers and professionalism. She treated me like a regular from the very first purchase.
Thanks for what you do! You're a doll.

(48) Myung
Wed, 20 July 2016 10:03

First time purchased, arrived still wet, smell is good.!

(47) alan
Mon, 11 July 2016 16:47

I Got the 22 june panties and it was awesome! Powerful scents, very fresh, delicious.. I've already bought many times... and will keep doing... =))

(46) Bernard Okojie
Fri, 3 June 2016 13:30

Thanks airprincess, got my panties today.... love them, they came still very wet and with the sweet saint of ur pu**y

(45) pantyaddict666
Mon, 28 September 2015 16:49

I've just recently made my 2nd purchase from the lovely & very sexy Air Princess! Again AP was very professional/easy to deal with & always quick to reply to questions/requests. This dirty little pervert had more fun this time than with my 1st purchase (which I did enjoy very much). My 2nd purchase included 2 items, a thong that spent all day riding up a gorgeous panty princess' ass as well as a nice creamy panty that princess obviously has some good fun in while wearing them! I had fun wearing each item on my face while taking in AP's scent! Her scent's heavenly & the taste of her creamy mess will blow your mind! You can't go wrong making a purchase from AP, highly recommended for any perv with a panty fetish like me! I know that I'll be back!

(44) Ricky Marks
Mon, 16 February 2015 01:50

While I have purchased from other panty sellers, AP is definitely one of the best I've tried. Fast, friendly and professional. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie buyer, you will not be disappointed with AP. Oh and follow her on Twitter, she's quite the babe and definitely not shy.

(43) Donald
Tue, 10 February 2015 07:34

I am a returning and addicted costumer for AP. Each order that I have made form AP has evolved from the standard ordering platform/format each time developing new twist. Only one of my orders from AP has been a standard order (if there is such a thing). AP has met and exceeded my expectation and desires for these special requests, due to my travel arrangement I am not in the same place for a long time theses means that I have to plan/ order a long time in advance, my latest order was started before Christmas and it is now February and the order has been fulfilled perfectly, even when I changed part of the order nearer to the time when shipping and deliverer would need to be completed by.

When my order arrived it was still moist as I have learned to expect form AP, this is a remarkable feat considering how far they have had to travel to get to me. They arrive sealed perfectly rapped in the silver tissue paper I now associate with AP products. It is Incredible that AP can achieve such high standards in product and customer care (better customer services than most large company’s) while going about her normal life/work.

If you are in doubt of buying for AP don’t be. If you want something a little different just ask AP, the worst she will do is say no.

Will continue to return to AP.

(42) Dan
Tue, 20 January 2015 15:52

Hmmm.... what can i say that APPs pics already dont?

Amazing woman and awesome panties.

First, she is so easy to communicate with and responds promptly. Second, her website is easy to use. Third, the personalized packaging goes beyond any other provider I've bought from. She includes a little note about the panties you bought; very nice touch.

Then the panties.... OMG....I got lucky enough to get a pair of her 2 day worn panties. The smell is divine and they were still gooey, like she took them off right there and gave them to me... the best pair I've bought. I also bought a vial of APP's nectar, and it is as advertised...nectar from a princess.

Very happy with my purchase!

Thanks AP!

(41) Joe
Tue, 13 January 2015 17:20

I am in complete happiness! Ordered my first pair of AP's panties a few days ago and finally got my amazing gift today.

Ordered a pair of her cheeky panties that were completely soaked with her heavenly scent, I was in heaven! To describe her scent is impossible! So intoxicating! :)

Also ordered a sample of her original nectar to go with her panties and WOW! Her scent is nothing like anything I've ever sniffed! Simply devine! I had to sample it for myself and she tastes delish!

To be honest with her and you guys, I could spend hours enjoying her beautiful flower :)

Will I buy more? Most definitely!

Thank You AP!

(40) Alan
Thu, 4 December 2014 16:40

Air panties are awesome! They arrived still wet and the odour is unbelievable... The package is professional also.. I highly recommend those panties! Miss Air also wrote a note for me! =)

(39) Brian
Mon, 1 December 2014 19:27

WoW my first panty purchase:D. I just received her 11-22 panties due to the hectic season but still freaken wet and sweet smelling

(38) ninjawhat!??
Tue, 18 November 2014 19:31

Well first of all I'm glad she discontinued those air mattresses and replaced them with more whoa products..haha! Who thought .06 oz of royalty would be so yum, aka Princess Nectar is something else...worth the wait and the suspense as she posts these crazy-sexy-beautiful twitter updates. The only way to avoid the updates is to delete your account...well at least temporarily :) She's super witty and funny she might as well be a unicorn, because these type of exotic hotties do not exist in the wild! AP.. just clone yourself already! Hands down her website is simple and easy to navigate...and why not spoil a Princess and checkout her Amazon WishList!! ahem..robot vacuum!..all in all you won't be disappointed!

(37) Mark
Mon, 10 November 2014 19:54

I purchased 2 pair of panties just 1 day apart. She ships so fast the 1st pair was shipped before I purchased the 2nd. Packaging is the best. Very professional. Sweetest panties I've ever purchased! Thanks Air Princess!

(36) Kevin
Tue, 21 October 2014 08:09

Wow! simply amazing is all I can say. I feel so spoiled rotten to get to sniff the panties worn by a Princess! Not just worn by her but she made a nice mess in them. Holding them up to my nose & taking her sexy scent in excited me so much, licking the panties getting a taste of royalty I just lost myself in them. I was truly in panty heaven. Air Princess is very nice & sweet to deal with, takes care in preparing her panties to ship, neatly & well packaged. Don't be afraid to ask her about her panties if you never bought from her before! Buy AP's sexy scented panties, you will not be disappointed! I will be back to buy more in time, trust me you have me hooked! You will be hooked too buying from AP.

(35) Dan
Sat, 18 October 2014 12:31

AP is so professional at selling her panties that you can believe you're in an alternative world where used panty selling is a normal everyday transaction. Beautifully wrapped and functional packaging, with handwritten note, business card and neatly folded panties. All arrived safety and discreetly into UK - package can be tracked to the point of entry into UK. The panties? Still damp. Multiple layers to her scent, which is rich and musky. Just divine!

(34) Alex L
Wed, 15 October 2014 17:58

I checked my my phone, and it says that your package has arrived. I quickly went to the mail and got everything, I was surprised that the package was so small. When I walked back home, I was so excited to smell these treasures, however, my cock wasn't getting hard yet. When I was inside, I slowly opened the package, and at this point my cock was throbbing hard, it was so hard that pre-cum came out. I read your note, and I took a deep breathe and it was so hot, the smell, the hardness, the colour, I just keep thinking your pussy was over this, and it gushed so much cum (i wish it hasnt dried though). I had to cum myself, because it was torturing me, so I looked at the pictures you posted and I played with myself. When I finally came, I took a very deep breathe and enjoyed the pleasure. Even now, my cock is rock hard just from thinking about it.

(33) Chris
Tue, 14 October 2014 22:56

I received my first pair last week and I can truly say WOW. I could tell you how great she was from first interaction till they arrived And not a cheap packing it was like I was receiving a Christmas gift. Such a pleasant aroma on the first whiff of them. And so divine and fresh. Like I had removed them directly off her in person. Just talking bout them has made me wanna end this and go grab them and handle my business. So she is Great Wonderful and all around Perfect. She will keep me cumming over and over for more.

(32) edward
Sun, 12 October 2014 12:28

Princess is the sexiest, hottest and beautiful woman on the Internet. I have bought 7 pairs of her panties. Her scent and cum is just amazing, each pair gets better. She takes great pride in her panties. Finally, I just bought another pair and will buy more in the future.

(31) spence
Tue, 7 October 2014 18:34

Got my first pair and I'm definitely in love with these panties. Just knowing they were in my mailbox got me excited. Love every second of the panties!

thanks AP

(30) donald
Sun, 5 October 2014 09:09

This is the first order from AP, I have before used others sellers but AP has beaten all the other seller that have used, in price, quality, ease of sale and most importantly moisture.
The contact ability of AP is excellent, I will definitely be using her services again and again.
Living in the UK shipping time and costs are always a factor to be considered but AP has the lowest shipping costs that I have see and the speed of deliver wad outstanding.

Would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking of using her services.

Excellent work AP, thank you


(29) NSO
Fri, 3 October 2014 17:13

I have been a panty lover for a while and Air Princess is by far the most professional and easier person to buy panties from.

Transaction is easy, she mails you in a discrete package. Her panties are incredible and her scent is mesmerizing. Will buy another pair for sure!

(28) jonnieco
Fri, 26 September 2014 20:23

I believe im one of AP best customer's, LOL. I have enjoyed many of her sexy, wet and great tasting panties. I hope to continue to have the opportunity to purchase for years to cum. Thank you Princess :)

(27) DFX
Fri, 26 September 2014 14:28

I've just opened the package, it arrived today at 2 pm.
Panties sniffer since long years, I've purchase my first pair last week-end, from France. I opted for a 3-5 days business days.
AP mailed them Monday in the morning…
First, it’s discret package. Secondly, it’s well made with many little things that I liked very much… And you will too !
And the last but not the least, the sweet fragrances of this pretty woman which made me addicted !
All over the world, you can rely on AP and buy her panties …
Thank you Air Princess.